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Diploma In Architecture

Diploma in Architecture is the course that focuses on the fundamental concepts of designing a structure or a building, layout designing, and planning. This course will equip students with the technical and functional skills to evolve into creative designers and adequate problem solvers. Diploma in Architecture course helps boost the creative, innovative skills towards your art talent to become an architect. The programme mainly focuses on developing the needed skills & talents and enables students to design buildings, available areas, and other artificial structures and environments, generally with creative effects.

This Architectural Design Course is all about the strategy and derivative of Planning, Designing, and Creating structures or any other buildings. With the help of architecture courses, students will learn about how to build commercial facilities, highway construction, airport terminals, malls, complexes, and civil construction by using their creative ideas and analytical aptitudes. D.Arch also teaches the theory part and practice of the designing process along with the commercial drawing techniques. Likewise, students will be imparted practical exposure through the assignments and projects through study tours, site visits, exhibitions, and contests. At DBSA, the programme’s emphasis is more on technical, practical skills, and hands-on experience.

Salient Features

  • 19+ years of experience Focus on student-centred learning
  • Focus on student-centred learning
  • Problem-based learning
  • Industry involvement in curriculum development & training
  • Best placement opportunities to get placed in high-end and reputed companies
  • Industrial training in reputable firms and organizations
  • The privilege of 100% placement guidance and support
  • Department-organized tech fests and hackathons
  • Industry visits, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by eminent researchers and industry practitioners
  • Active student clubs and bodies
  • The multi-cultural and vibrant teaching environment

Admissions Open 2024!!

Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.

Duration & Eligibility

3 Years

The candidate must have passed class 10th from any recognized Board are eligible to apply for admission.

Fee Structure

Course Total Fee
Academic fee ( Per Sem) ₹ 35000/-

One Time Fee

Application Fee (Non-Refundable) Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) University Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)
₹ 1,500 ₹ 7,000 ₹ 3,000
Exam fees ( Per Semester) 4,500/-

Download Fee Structure

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Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO-1To provide students in-depth knowledge and understanding the architecture as the domain
PEO-2To prepare students as profitable professional architects with ethical, moral values, and
innovative ideas
PEO-3To strengthen intellectual development and enhance creative and efficient resolutions to
distinctive and industrious problems
PEO-4To prepare them to work as leaders through consultancy, extension activities, and
establishing lifelong learning philosophy for continued improvement
PEO-5To help students acquire higher degrees to lead in education, profession, and research

Program Specific Objectives (PSO's)

PSO-1 To familiarize students with the basics of design and development of design vocabulary, nurture design thinking, and encourage them to use the same thought process in the design evolution
PSO-2 To train students to carry on the implementation of design via conceptualization and alliance.
PSO-3 To sharpen the creative skills of the budding architects by conducting creative activities
PSO-4 To sensitize students to be more vigilant of their surroundings and encourage it as a basic creative intuition in them

Program Grid Structure

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Semester 1

Course Code Course Credit
23DARC101 Basic Design and Visual Arts-I 3
23DARC102 Applied Mechanics 2
23DARC103 Applied Mathematics 0
23DARC104 Architectural Graphics and Drawing- I 2
23DARC181 General Workshop Practice – I 3
23DARC182 Basics of Computer Application 1
23LS 191 English Communication 0

Semester 2

Course Code Course Credit
23DARC201 Basic Design and Visual Arts-II 3
23DARC202 Building Construction & Materials-I 2
23DARC203 Surveying & Levelling 1
23DARC204 Architectural Graphics and Drawing- II 2
23DARC281 General Workshop Practice –II 3
23LS291 Environmental Studies 0

Semester 3

Course Code Course Credit
23DARC301 Architectural Design-I 4
23DARC302 Building Construction & Materials-II 2
23DARC303 History of Architecture and Culture-I 2
23DARC304 Building Science-Climatology 1
23DARC305 Architectural Graphics and Drawing- III 3
23LS391 Indian Knowledge System 0

Semester 4

Course Code Course Credit
23DARC401 Architectural Design-II 4
23DARC402 Building Construction & Materials-III 2
23DARC403 History of Architecture and Culture-II 2
23DARC404 Building Services-I (Water Supply & Sanitation) 1
23DARC46X Program Elective-I 0
23DARC481 Computer Application-I 3
23LS491 Universal Human Values 0

Semester 5

Course Code Course Credit
23DARC501 Architectural Design-III 4
23DARC502 Building Construction & Materials-IV 2
23DARC503 Working Drawing-I 3
23DARC504 Building Services-II (Electrical & Mechanical) 1
23DARC505 Estimation, Costing & Specification 0
23DARC56X Program Elective-II 0
23DARC581 Computer Application-II 3

Semester 6

Course Code Course Credit
23DARC601 Dissertation 7
23DARC602 Working Drawing-II 3
23DARC66X Program Elective -III 0
23DARC681 Computer Application-III 3
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Programme Elective-I

23DARC461 Interior Design
23DARC462 Art Appreciation
23DARC463 Vernacular Architecture

Programme Elective-II

23DARC561 Disaster Mitigation & Management
23DARC562 Site Planning & Landscape Design
23DARC563 Earthquake Resistant Architecture

Programme Elective-III

23DARC661 Introduction to Building Information Modeling
23DARC662 Digital Architecture
23DARC663 Theory of Design

Job Opportunities The Course Might Lead To


After the completion of the Diploma in Architecture, the candidates will be able to get a wide range of potential career prospects in the major recruiting fields like the Civil Engineering Department, Construction Companies, Educational Institutes, Airports, Housing Industry, Railways, etc. The diploma holders can get hands-on the variety of job profiles like:

  • Building Designer
  • Assistant Architect
  • Layout Designer
  • Teacher
  • Interior Designer
  • Automotive Designer, etc.